Trent | Capital Partners

Investment Strategy

TCP’s investment objective is to provide superior long term returns on capital for our investors.  We seek to achieve this by focusing on the proactive development of investment ideas, and on opportunities where execution-based value creation is a fundamental component of the investment thesis.  We proactively work with managers to frame strategic direction, growth initiatives, and operational performance within such context.

TCP was formed in 2010 to invest in established smaller middle market manufacturing, value-added distribution, and service businesses throughout the U.S.

Our profile:

  • Proactive development of proprietary investment theses and operating-partner-driven opportunity sourcing
  • Value-added plan prior to investment
  • Equity and equity-linked capital in conservative financing structures
  • Seeking to lead transactions where $5MM to $25MM of equity capital is required, generally having enterprise values from $15MM to $100MM
  • Control positions
  • Transaction types include: buyouts, recapitalizations, growth infusions, change of control
  • Board representation mandatory

Company Characteristics:

  • Ability to distill company strategy and investment thesis to proactive, execution-based value creation
  • Experienced management teams with a compelling understanding of customer needs and ability to execute plan
  • Differentiated product or service offering a clear value proposition to customers
  • Defensible market position and the opportunity for significant share capture and domination of a niche
  • Predictable revenue stream and free cash flow generation
  • Transparent cost structure
  • Potential to achieve scale through expansion in complimentary niches and/or through add-on acquisitions
  • Demonstrable ability to succeed in a downturn