TCP believes the traditional private equity GP/LP relationship dynamics have become skewed.  

Direct PE is hard to do well for most family office investors.  

We believe there is a better way – TCP Interval Fund

We are re-inventing the PE model and have firmly aligned our structure, our team, and our investments with the goals of our investors by returning to the roots of private capital investing.

We intend to create a true partnership with our investors, offering all the benefits of a direct PE effort, access to unique investment opportunities, and a commitment to the unchanging goal of return on invested capital.

TCP Interval Fund

The TCP Interval Fund is a private, perpetual life investment fund offering:

  • Perpetual life vehicle, allowing family office investors to capitalize on long-term, compounding returns on capital vs. traditional fund life dynamics
  • Periodic redemption / liquidity feature (quarterly)
  • Modified fee structure focused on more alignment of incentives – reduced fees on un-deployed and invested capital
  • Carried interest to manager paid in equity – full alignment of interests (paid in other investment decisions), following 8% Preferred Return and subject to high-water mark
  • Co-Investment rights allowing investors ability to increase exposure to comfort areas, while effectively “averaging down” fees
  • Opportunity for limited number of sophisticated LP’s to interact and share with like-minded investors in a direct PE environment